TL0194 TOLO First Friends Eco Family Home

The First Friends Eco Family Home set includes a house that opens up with a pull out garden, furniture, a heat pump, a wheelbarrow, recycling bins, a First Friends family, pets and a fruit tree.

On the roof of the Eco house you will find solar panels that produce electricity. The heat pump warms the house in the winter or cools it in the summer time. The Eco house provides an excellent starting point for exploring topics such as “Family”, “Home Life, “Energy Preservation” or “Recycling”.

The house can be played with to show either interior or exterior scenes. The easy-grip carry handle makes it easy to move around. The family figures stand 12.5 cm tall. They have clicking, moving arms and legs as well as a tummy squeaker.

The pets include a dog, a cat and a rabbit, all with clicking and moving limbs


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TOLO First Friends Eco Family Home