TL0166 TOLO First Friends Recycling Truck

The set includes two TOLO First Friends figures, two recycling containers and a recycling truck. The truck is approx. 20 cm long and 16 cm high and wide. The truck is equipped with a handle that makes it possible to tip the contents of the recycling containers into the back of the recycling truck.
Both figures have clicking, moving arms and legs as well as squeaker tummies. An ideal setting for topics like “Recycling” or “People who help us” and is a great addition to any TOLO First Friends collection.

Introduces children to topics like “Recycling” or “People who help us’. Encourages communication, comparing and group interaction. Improves fine motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination and provides an ideal setting for imaginative play.


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TOLO First Friends Recycling Truck