TL0152 TOLO Pop Up Animals

This set consists of a TOLO Pop Up Doghouse and a Pop Up Mother Hen. Push down the green lever on the Doghouse and see the husky dog come out of the front. Twist the dial at the back and the puppy will “pop” through the roof. Push down the green tail feathers of Mother Hen and the little chicken will appear from under her wings. Push down on Mother Hen’s body and her head will “pop up”, or manipulate her legs to discover the built-in squeaker. A great resource for developing an understanding of cause and effect.

Ideal for developing physical capacity through exploration and touch. Encourages an understanding of cause and effect. Great for the development of hand-eye coordination. Aids the development of fine motor skills and promotes learning through repetition.


A4 Leaflet


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TOLO Pop Up Animals