Safety and Care


At First Celtic learning, its vital to us that our products surpass customer expectations. To achieve this, they must be high quality, offer exceptional value for money and make learning fun. By developing our own brands and working with select manufacturers, we are able to supply premium products.


Product safety is our priority. Our ranges are independently tested to ensure they meet safety standards in the UK, America, and Europe. Following regulator recommendations, all products are externally tested every second year. These checks involve dropping our products to assess durability, choke tests to ensure parts are not too small and chemical analyses scanning for any dangerous substances.

No product leaves the factory without in-house supplier testing to ensure materials and production processes are of the highest standard.


Our toys can be cleaned using a natural non-abrasive soap and a hot, damp cloth. Moisture must be wiped away with a dry cloth after cleaning and we recommend that toys should be air-dried prior to reuse. Never soak toys in water or subject them to boiling water, microwaves or sterilisation.

Products should not be left outdoors, and should be checked regularly over time to make sure they are safe for play.